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Shenzhen J&F Enterprises Co., Limited is a manufacturer of Earphones and other Audio related products. The main ingredient that binds us a team and a company is that we love music and we believe people deserve having good quality audio products to enjoy the music.
We have more than 150 employees, with monthly production capacity of more than 500,000pcs earphones.
SOUND QUALITY-we focus on the sound tuning, we customize the sound quality according to customer’s demands in different regions.
WE CARE- We put continuous effort on designing the prodcut which is more suitable for long time secure wearing, from the earphones shape design to the material selection.
QUALITY CONTROL- From raw material inspection to final product testing, we monitor and record all the process to make sure we can deliver products with stable top notch quality.


Its rare to find one earphone suitable for all persons throughout the globe. The Quality of earphone is not only because of its sound itself, but also related to what kind of music the customers like and the adjusting comfort of the ears as well. We have our own engineering ability to adjust the vital components like Bass, Midrange & Trble of the earphones to make sure it fits your market.

More than 10 years of experience in Audio Industry with reputed brand of the world.

Good Understanding on different Requirements of the customers all over the world.

Strong ability of ID Design, updating new items every quarter.

Own Sound-stage experimental Laboratory where each piece from the order passes to strict QC (Quality Check) before dispatching to customers.